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Believers Today provides helping and  healing services for our veterans.


Our Mission

We are  dedicated to serving  by providing affordable housing and  trauma healing through the  power  of fellowship and  music  therapy. These  brave men  and  women have  sacrificed their own personal interest and  safety to fight for our freedom. We believe that every veteran should have  a place to call home and  a support system that encourages their healing, growth,  and  overall wellbeing. We are  a 501c3 nonprofit organization that has  been serving  and honoring our veterans for 10 years.

Our Vision​

We envision a future where recidivism, homelessness, and joblessness are mitigated one family at a time. We strive to be a beacon of hope for those emerging from incarceration and living in poverty-stricken communities, offering them the resources, training, and support to transform their lives. Our ultimate goal is to build a community that thrives on empathy, inclusivity, and opportunity, where every individual is equipped to lead a fulfilling, prosperous life, thus creating a positive ripple effect for generations to come.

About Us

Believers Today is committed to assisting and supporting our veterans. We are devoted to their well-being, offering affordable housing and trauma healing services through the transformative power of fellowship and music therapy. These courageous individuals have selflessly sacrificed their own comfort and security to defend our freedom. We strongly believe that every veteran deserves a stable home and a nurturing support system that fosters their healing, personal development, and overall welfare. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we have proudly served and honored our veterans for the past decade.



Join hands with us to make the word a better place to live. We Are Committed To Preventing And Ending Homelessness, upliftment of youth and underprivileged people

Goal: $90000

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Affordable Housing

Many of our homeless veterans are  stuck  in a cycle of poverty that can leave  them feeling hopeless and  forgotten. Your generous contribution can help  us break that cycle and  fill their need by giving them a place to call home.


We are  actively  working to provide our homeless veterans with beautiful, practical housing. These container homes are  energy, space, and  cost efficient. Covered in durable siding,  these homes include a bathroom, kitchenette, bedroom, and small  living space — and  are  fully outfitted for proper plumbing and  electric.

Emotional Care

We have  seen firsthand the  power  of music  to speak to the  soul, build  connections, and  heal  the wounds of the  heart. Believers Today harnesses

the  power  of music  to minister to our veterans. We also  provide private, specialized trauma sessions for Gold Star Families.  Music therapy is an essential part of our mission to serve.  When you partner with Believers Today, you are  helping provide these invaluable services to meet veterans’ emotional needs.

We are the home of the free because of the brave.

This powerful, life-changing ministry is only made possible through the  faithful and  generous gifts of our partners and  sponsors. No gift is too small,  as funds are  used to help  end  veteran homelessness and  provide them with emotional support and  trauma healing through our

free  concert experiences, music  therapy, and  donations. Your financial gift is tax deductible and,  as a partner, you become an integral, essential part of our family of Believers, helping to change the  world one  veteran at a time.

Music Outreach

I Believe Tour was first launched in 2009 with venues throughout the  USA and  Japan.  Each concert is free  to the  public  and  features veteran talent. Additionally, Our Songs on Wheels (SOW) music  outreach program also  allows  artists around the  globe  to donate a song,  which can be downloaded to raise funds for our organization.


Believers Today provides musical instruments to disabled veterans and  veteran facilities as part of its Instrumental Healing Program. Our team works with veterans throughout the  U.S.

to bring healing through music  and  the  physical gift of music  instruments is one  of the  things we leave  behind to make  a lasting impact, changing veterans’ lives. When you partner with Believers Today, you are  helping us equip veterans with instruments that spark creativity and encourage emotional expression.

Homeless Support

We understand that many people are hesitant to give to the homeless community, and we want to assure you that your contribution will go towards legitimate, verified programs and that work to improve the lives of those without a stable home.

Your donation will make a real impact in the lives of the homeless, and help us work towards a future where everyone has a safe and secure place to call home. We believe that by working together, we can create a brighter future for all of us.

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