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Who We Are

BELIEVERS TODAY, is a music outreach nonprofit organization that specializes in traumacare, dedicated to serving our veteransand communities through music outreach, technology,education and healing services. We are dedicated to serving by providing affordable housing andtrauma healing through the power of fellowship and music instrumentation. We serve theunderprivileged, andlow-income, as well as, our veterans and homeless. We believe thateveryone should have a safe place and a support system that encourages their healing, growth,and overall well being.

About Us

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization that has been serving and uplifting those in need for over16 years. We offer Trauma Healing through 6 proven core lessons backed by SIM & The TraumaHealing Institution. Addressing these forms of trauma early is a key factor in fighting the horrorsof such outcomes as mass school shootings, gang violence and anger issues. Our program helpsparents to recognize traumatic events and problematic behavioral patterns by hosting family andindividual sessions and community events. We partner with local law enforcement, as well as, ahost of other community leaders, local nonprofits and discuss implementation of our core lessonswhich focuses on trauma healing, mental health and conflict resolution. We help parents toidentify signs of depression, symptoms of withdrawal, behavior changes, mood swings, as well asisolation in order to implement a resolution.

We’ve also been fortunate enoughto serve other surrounding counties such as Cleveland, Gaston, Catawba and Lincoln. With themuch needed upgrades on our miracle bus, we will be able to extend our services to those inneed throughout all areas of NC. Ethnicities and backgrounds that we seek to serve with ourMiracle Bus are Black, Hispanicand White individuals and families of low-income and middle-class neighborhoods, single parents, and veterans, as well as, anyone experiencing trauma andunderprivileged children, among others. This vehicle is important to the community because weaddresstrauma and the impact it has on individuals and families


Our intended audience for this program includes low to middle class incomes, all those affectedby trauma andanyone that cares for them. We serve a wide range of people and all are welcome.With the new equipment on the Miracle Bus we can offer our services on the go with our onlineservice and we would have a better grasp on software stability. We also serve other communitiesin this capacity such as Albemarle Rd, Beatties Ford Rd, North Tryon St, Graham and West Blvdand all others within the 6 Corridors of Mecklenburg County. 


Our goal is to be able to offer our trauma healing services to all, especially those families thatare suffering the loss of a loved one through gun violence, senseless killings,naturaldisastersand have no where to turn to ease their suffering. Heal the family and we can heal ourcommunities and streets. In order to do this we must be able to first and foremost seek out thosethat have a heart for caring for others, train them to become facilitators so they may empowertheir communities. We would need to open more training facilities, produce community traumaawareness by identifying the grass roots of generational trauma. By upgrading and outfitting our”Miracle Bus” for SONG ONWHEELS program, we will be able to travel into rural communitiesand launch our programs without worries of internet or wifi connection. We are also one of theonly trauma facilitation programs that speak, provide materials in (4-6) languages and capableofholding sessions online to reach those without access to local transportation or immediatemobility.

2024, we are launching two new community outreach music and film projects


Join hands with us to make the word a better place to live. We Are Committed To Preventing And Ending Homelessness, upliftment of youth and underprivileged people

The funds raised from the project will be used to launch a six to eight-month CommunityOutreach Program, which will offer conflict resolution, trauma healing and care, grief support,drug addiction support, and arts mentoring and development. Edwards also plans to take tenchildren from each county into the studio to takepart in the documentary and recordingsession.

Just Say No !

Jett Edwards is bringing the message of “JUST SAY NO” to the NEX Generation. He has secured adeal with HBO to use his song in a documentary on the life of Shaquille O’Neil and has decidedto reinvest the royalties back into his community. The project, called “JUST SAY NO”-The NextGeneration, will unite Mecklenburg, Gaston, Cleveland and surrounding counties through ashared goal of taking back their communities and supporting their youth.Edwards plans to re-record the song and produce a documentary that addresses the trauma &challenges that youth and adults face today, including gun violence, bullying, domestic violence,drugs, and sex trafficking. He will bring together local organizations and entities, including the Sheriff’s Department,Arts Council, Police Department, First Responders, localUniversities,community leaders, non-profits, families affected by gun violence, churches,pastors, Boys and Girls Clubs, and more.

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LEARN OUR LINE DA NCE - ( NEW ATTITUDE ) Created By; Mitchell Mullis

Believers Today has partnered with local organizationsJohn C. Smith University, Coyote Joe’s, and other Local Nonprofits & organizations to take backour communities. Supportand heal our youth through the Power of Music, Visual Arts and Community Engagement.


To participate in the filming of our music video and documentary,please contact us at:


our work


We’re On A Mission Of Big Changes. To Help People And The World.


Written & Produced By; Jett Edwards & J Melo Beatz

Special Guest Appearance by;


Created By; Mitchell Mullis Believers Today has partnered with local organisations

John C. Smith University, Coyote Joe’s, and other Local Nonprofits & organisations to take back our communities. Support and heal our youth through the Power of Music, Visual Arts andCommunity Engagement. To participate in the filming of our music video and documentary,please contact us at

Music Outreach

I Believe Tour was first launched in 2009 with venues throughout the  USA and  Japan.  Each concert is free  to the  public  and  features veteran talent. Additionally, Our Songs on Wheels (SOW) music  outreach program also  allows  artists around the  globe  to donate a song,  which can be downloaded to raise funds for our organization.


Believers Today provides musical instruments to disabled veterans and  veteran facilities as part of its Instrumental Healing Program. Our team works with veterans throughout the  U.S.

to bring healing through music  and  the  physical gift of music  instruments is one  of the  things we leave  behind to make  a lasting impact, changing veterans’ lives. When you partner with Believers Today, you are  helping us equip veterans with instruments that spark creativity and encourage emotional expression.